The Talest Building in the World: Burj Dubaï


Burj Dubai will overtake Taipei 101 and become the world’s tallest building. It’s already significantly higher than the Chicago Sears Tower (not counting the spire), and is quickly approaching the title of the highest concrete free-standing structure.

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Construction data:

– Designed by Chicago architects Skidmore, Owings & Merrill for Emaar Properties.
– Will house hotel and condominiums, be largely residential.
– Completion date: June 30, 2009
– 959 meters high, 189 – 200 floors?
– An observation deck will be located on the 124th floor.
– The top residential level will only be 8 meters wide.
– Will have the fastest elevators in the world with a speed of 700m/min (42.3 kmh / 26.1 mph)
– When finished, It will be almost 40% taller than the the current tallest building, the Taipei 101.

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A unique project Rotating Tower in Moscow

vrashaushayasa_bashnya-m.jpgCorporation MIRAX GROUP is to realize in Moscow a unique project Rotating Tower where each floor will rotate around of the central core of the building, irrespective of other floors. The corporation has signed a corresponding agreement with architect David Fisher who owns the patent for the project concept. The volume of investments into the tower construction is going to exceed $400 million.

The agreement between MIRAX GROUP and president of Dynamic Architecture David Fisher was signed on July 12 2007. At the beginning of August, the initial payment was made, however, the partners do not want to disclose the cost of the contract. According to the contract, MIRAX GROUP has received exclusive rights for realization of the Rotating Tower concept in the territories of Moscow and St.-Petersburg.

The project is now in the stage of coordination, but it is already known that the total area of the tower will make almost 110 thousand sq. m., and it will have over 60 floors: there will be offices and retail premises on the ground floors while other areas will be for apartments.

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Antilia Tower – Mumbai, India

Owner: Mukesh Ambani, chairman, Reliance Industries
Cost to build: $1 billion
Size: 570 feet, 27 floors (including six floors of parking for Ambani’s 168 cars), 48,000 square feet
Features: Ceilings double the height of normal building ceilings; an entertainment floor including a 50-person movie theater; three floors of terrace gardens including an interpretation of the hanging gardens of Babylon; two floors with facilities for health and fitness; a two-floor guest apartment; four floors of living space; three rooftop helipads; one floor for air traffic control.

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