Dinner in the Sky


Not much to say about this concept. The video speaks for itself. You basically take a crane and a rectangular table/platform that you lift up to 50 meters in the air. Yeah I know, it’s not that simple. The platform includes proper bar/kitchen equipment so the staff can perform their job properly and serve their guest, as expected, (delicious) food and beverage items. Additionally the seats are equipped with safety belt preventing guests to walk away without paying their bills. Just kidding.

Benefits of this concept:

  • If you are the Chef and a customer piss you off you can always push the eject button.
  • If you don’t like the food you can always throw it discreetly below your sit to the outside world (no need to put it inside the bag of your neighbor + you’ll make new friends with the surroundings pets).
  • If you don’t like the food and get sick, when throwing up, blem it on the height.
  • You can smoke.
  • No unscheduled health or labor inspection (unless the inspector has a parachute)
  • No unwanted visitors

One problem though! What do you do if you need to take a pis???

 If you want to share your opinions on the pros and cons of this concept, you can leave you comments in the below box.

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Shamrock City In Ireland: Bigger, Crazier and more glamorous than the Dubaï’s Palm Islands

This advert about a fake but credible project was created to maximise the buzz on the internet in order to promote the opening of a new real estate company in Ireland. Even the Irish government believed in it. 

” Happy April’s Fool Day :)”