A unique project Rotating Tower in Moscow

vrashaushayasa_bashnya-m.jpgCorporation MIRAX GROUP is to realize in Moscow a unique project Rotating Tower where each floor will rotate around of the central core of the building, irrespective of other floors. The corporation has signed a corresponding agreement with architect David Fisher who owns the patent for the project concept. The volume of investments into the tower construction is going to exceed $400 million.

The agreement between MIRAX GROUP and president of Dynamic Architecture David Fisher was signed on July 12 2007. At the beginning of August, the initial payment was made, however, the partners do not want to disclose the cost of the contract. According to the contract, MIRAX GROUP has received exclusive rights for realization of the Rotating Tower concept in the territories of Moscow and St.-Petersburg.

The project is now in the stage of coordination, but it is already known that the total area of the tower will make almost 110 thousand sq. m., and it will have over 60 floors: there will be offices and retail premises on the ground floors while other areas will be for apartments.

According to Chairman of the MIRAX GROUP Board of Directors Sergey Polonsky, the brightest feature of the building will be rotation of most floors around the central core, irrespective of the movement of other floors. Thus, floors will not be identical, which will allow the building to change the form constantly. Another characteristic feature of the building will be the system of connection of pipelines: all engineering systems of the central core will be connected to the rotating parts of floors, which will allow to use water, electricity, heating and the sewerage in the apartments in a habitual mode. The method of construction will be also unique: the central core will be poured in-place, and the floors will be made section by section at a factory and fastened to the core when assembled, with all MEP systems and, probably, even furniture. “After initial estimates, this method will allow us to reduce the time of construction minimum to 30 %, and besides, to essentially lower the site pollution during construction”, – adds project head Vladimir Antimonov.

“Now we are negotiating at once several land areas within the limits of the third transport ring, in one of which we are going to realize this project,” – Sergey Polonsky says. By his estimate, the construction working costs of the rotating part of the tower will reach $4 thousand for a square meter, and the total amount of investments into the project will exceed $400 million. The beginning of construction is planned for the end of 2008, and the commissioning of the tower into operation – for the first half of 2011.


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