Marbella, Spain: 1st Genuine American Diner Project

al-macs-diner-tin-sign.jpgOur friends at Yummy Koncept have announced their latest project. What’s going to be the first genuine 50’s Diner in Marbella is under construction.

Laurent Sabouret from Yummy Koncept explains: ” I have lived in San Francisco and Chicago for 3 years and since I was a little boy I always been a fan of the typical Stainless Steel diners. When I was in the States, I was a regular customer of all the diners that would count the city and I would always pay attention to all the details. I have accumulated numerous pictures and documentation about American Diner’s and have a particular interest for the 50’s one. When our client explained he wanted a genuine American Diner, I had no doubt that we were the right people for the job”. Laurent took its inspiration from various existing diner such as “Mel’s Drive In“, “Fog City Diner” and “Johnny Rockets“.

The owner is planning to launch his own restaurant chain. The project is half way through. Yummy Koncept will deliver the project key on hand. “We are in charge of the entire project, we have received an empty shell and we are taking care of everything including A/C, Smoke Extraction, Lightning, kitchen Equipment, A/V, TPV, Furniture, Decoration, Flatware and Silverware. We even assist with menus, staff and food providers” emphasis Laurent.

The restaurant will serve burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, ribs, milkshakes, and breakfast all day long and the staff will be wearing uniforms from the 50’s. Of course you will find a juke box with tunes from the 50’s and 60’s! Are you ready to Rock n’ Roll?.





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