ARTICO ICE BAR – An unforgettable arctic experience !!!


A modern design made by Laila Kolostyák. Bar, walls, seats, tables, ramp with sledge, a map of the Artic, a life-size igloo where you can get in. Everything is made with natural ice from the lakes of Lapland. There is even a screen made of ice and snow where customers can enjoy film projection of the area including scenes of aurora borealis. The light, sound and the images take visitors to the polar world.

The idea came up in September 2002, and after more than a year of studies, projects and works, ARTICO ICE BAR opened its doors on June 7th 2004.

Some facts:

– 14 Norwegian enterprises and 68 people have been working directly to make ARTICO come true.
– 123 ice blocs, with a total weight of 123 metric tons, were needed to build the bar.
– The ice blocks were taken from a lake 240 km away from Honningsvag, and they were moved in two days. Special trucks were used to do that.

ARTICO ICE BAR was considered “Best Northern Norway Tourism Project 2004”



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